Kuralkan Automotive

Based upon the 1950s, Kuralkan Bilişim Otomotiv Inc., has investments and participations in other industries such as computer, automotive, construction as well as motorcycle industry and it employs over 1500 people directly and indirectly.

Our company entered the motorcycle sector in automotive industry with MZ Motorcycles’ Turkey Distributorship in 1987.
Being a legend brand in Turkey, MZ model had become bestselling motorcycle at Turkey within a short time.
With fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, closing of the MZ factory in East Germany had became a current issue.
At the result of the negotiations about this issue, factory has been moved to Turkey with all its equipments.

After the success in the industry, starting domestic motorcycle manufacture in İstanbul-Dudullu factory, Kuralkan Bilişim ve Otomotiv INC. offers its motorcycles which are manufactured with Kanuni brand to both domestic and international markets since then.

Bringing its successful graphic to 2000s, Kuralkan INC. maintains its activities in Kuralkan Motosiklet ve Bilişim Üssü which was put into service in 2006 and closed to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
Kuralkan Motorycle Base, with its 60000 m2 closed area, is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacture plant of the region.

Reinforcing its power and effectiveness in motorcycle industry with international partnerships and strategical cooperation, as well as domestic manufacture, Kuralkan INC., , has signed a partnership agreement with BAJAJ AUTO which is the third biggest motorcycle organization in the world in September of 2013.
It introduced Pulsar which is leading sub-brand of Bajaj in sport segment to Turkey.
Kuralkan and Bajaj’s Turkey distributorship which has reached 102 franchises and 180 service networks in a short time still continues.

By adding one more new investment to our investments which add value to Turkey, our company has started Super Soco sale which is the first %100 Electrical Motorcycle of Turkey in 2018.
Kuralkan Bilişim ve Otomotiv INC. is one of the organizations which led birth of the motorcycle sector and compose of motorcycle culture.
Kuralkan Bilişim ve Otomotiv INC. continues to bring together motorcycle joy with millions of people by combining the power which it gets by its users, franchises and employees with its experience, skill and energy.

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