Kuralkan Information Technologies (IT)

The IT Power of Turkey

Serving in the IT sector for over a quarter of a century, Kuralkan has become the “IT Power” of today’s Turkey with its vast experience, stable structure and sustainable success.

Serving in information industry for 28 years, including 10 years for Microsoft works, Kuralkan is one of the Microsoft’s several LSP partners in Turkey which is able to make an agreement as Gold Certified Partner.

It has shown sevenfold growth success in revenue-base when compared to growth rates of each year for Microsoft work and it has reached over 200 institutional agreements.
It is also one of the greatest and the most important work partners of Microsoft in terms of revenue and institutional agreements those obtained with this stable growth and sustainable success.

Towards the end of 2016, becoming work partner with Apple as system integrator, Kuralkan Bilişim aims to become a leading company in Apple work as well as provision of device/accessories and services it offered and become one of the IT work partner of your organization with Apple service model that it offers especially for “mobile business continuity”.

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